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Global Transformation Consulting Inc

Transformation is what we do. People are at the heart of every change your organization will make so ensuring their support for your project, new direction or new ways of doing things is the key to your success. GTC can help you get there with proven standard change management practices catered to your needs.

Our services range from global enterprise transformations to small teams or 1:1 coaching. The basis for everything we do is in creating trusted relationships: between GTC and clients, your team members, your stakeholders, their teams and organization leaders. No transformation is too small for a bit of change management support and certainly the bigger your transformation, the more heavy lifting you’ll need from experienced consultants.

Based in Massachusetts, GTC works remotely with local, national and global teams.

Lailani Paul, Director

Lailani Paul loves a good transformation story. With over 19 years of experience in change management, Lailani is adept at coaching executives and project teams to implement improvements and achieve high-performance goals while weaving a bit of fun into every workday. Lailani has worked transformation magic for teams of all kinds, with experience in biotechnology, oil and gas, apparel, retail, consumer packaged goods and entertainment industries. Known for her skill in advising leaders to drive decisions that last, Lailani Paul engages stakeholders to develop and deliver products and services they will be delighted with and communicates effectively at all levels of the organization. 

Lailani sees her stand-out talent as finding a compromise between the needs of the company with the reality of the work that needs to be done by keeping humans at the heart of every change. She dives into the details of transformations to create value stories in which every stakeholder can see themselves benefitting.

When not having fun at work, Lailani is likely out adventuring in the woods, playing at a park with her son or swinging in her hammock with a fantasy novel.

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel
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