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Project Portfolio

GTC has worked on various types of projects, leading change management in a myriad of ways across industries and team types. 



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs

An energy company is replacing its antiquated systems that are completely separated by region, line of business and function. The current technologies could not be upgraded due to the separation and extreme customization. A 7+ year program was born to get the entire behemoth of a company onto a single SAP system that is aggressively standardized. The users number in the tens of thousands and the implementation must take care of getting each one of them on board and ready for their new way of working. This is an ongoing program being managed with the scaled agile framework.


Organization design

An entertainment company was centralizing its European financial teams and systems. They went from about 10 separately managed entities in Europe to a single team supporting every site using one set of processes and a single system. This was an incredibly complex undertaking, as each country has its own very specific labor laws that we had to navigate. We needed to keep the current employees for as long as possible to train the people who were taking their jobs while simultaneously setting up the completely new organization in a country where the company had never had operations previously. We were able to keep over 80% of the current employees in-seat through the transition period, blowing away the original estimate of 30%. We had the new office leadership staffed, trained and ready to begin work in their new office building well within project targets.



Process mining

An oil & gas company wanted to find out where slow-downs in their processes were costing them time and money. They invested in Celonis and needed to figure out how to get it out and running in the business quickly. In under a year, they were able to roll process mining use cases out to business units around the globe, discovering multiple millions of dollars of value in process improvements. They set up an internal center of excellence, which helps users to learn from the project team and from each other. Leaders from the project are in-demand for speaking at conferences and one on one with other Celonis clients to share their experience and how they were able to achieve so much in so little time.


Industrial Control Technology inventory management

A leading oil & gas company realized it would be very helpful to know what sort of inventory they have in each company location. They had left inventory and maintenance management up to each site manager to figure out since the company’s inception about a century ago. In an increasingly connected and fast-paced world, not knowing what kind of equipment they have, how old it is, what software is running on it, when the maintenance schedule is coming up or if there are any spare parts available became unacceptable. This project rounded up every site worldwide to get them to agree on a single inventory management solution, how it would be implemented and the roles and responsibilities that would be expected after deployment.



Other projects of note for which I was the change management lead

  • International customs documentation standardization

  • Intercompany charge reconciliation automation

  • Resource, Portfolio and Project Management technology and process improvement changes

  • Asset management and maintenance work scheduling solution program

  • IT infrastructure management conversion

  • Cybersecurity and compliance programs with accompanying process and technology implementations

  • Data Privacy standardization and training

  • Usability testing and user experience improvement projects

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