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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program

An energy company is replacing its antiquated systems that are completely separated by region, line of business and function. The current technologies could not be upgraded due to the separation and extreme customization. A 7+ year program was born to get the entire behemoth of a company onto a single SAP system that is aggressively standardized. The users number in the tens of thousands and the implementation must take care of getting each one of them on board and ready for their new way of working. This is an ongoing program being managed with the scaled agile framework.

GTC's role

  • GTC is currently the deployment behavioral change lead this program. I (Lailani, head of GTC) interface with the program deployment team as a member of the behavioral change scrum team, providing coaching, stakeholder engagement support and ensuring change is built into every step of the deployment plan.
  • It takes a village to get stakeholders ready for this magnitude of change. I have learned to be meticulous about prioritization, managing expectations and different kinds of effective teamwork by participating in a large-scale agile program. 

Another ERP program

  • A biotechnology company was replacing myriad spreadsheets, home-built systems and thousands of processes across their sites worldwide with a single SAP system. It was the first time the whole company had to figure out how to work together on a common goal. It took a team of 30+ change management professionals, working with 300+ program team members over three years to roll the system out to more than 20k users. After close-out, the program became a case study in how to successfully do a “big bang” ERP roll-out. The company is still using the SAP system several years later - upgraded and expanded many times by now.


  • My role on this program morphed through the years. I started out as a communication specialist, led team optimization and event planning and ended up as the training lead for the transition to operations.

  • I will always take the opportunity to learn from those who know more than me by jumping in to help out, so I picked up general experience in every aspect of change from the small army of practitioners who supported the success of the program.

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