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Process Mining

An oil & gas company wanted to find out where slow-downs in their processes were costing them time and money. They invested in Celonis and needed to figure out how to get it out and running in the business quickly. In under a year, they were able to roll process mining use cases out to business units around the globe, discovering multiple millions of dollars of value in process improvements. They set up an internal center of excellence, which helps users to learn from the project team and from each other. Leaders from the project are in-demand for speaking at conferences and one on one with other Celonis clients to share their experience and how they were able to achieve so much in so little time.

GTC's role

  • As head of GTC, I (Lailani) am currently the behavioral change management lead for this project. I created a standard deployment engagement and communications package and coached project team members on self-service so that each deployment can be led by a different person but feel the same for the stakeholders involved. I support monthly user events, design and manage the intranet site which is used as a one-stop-shop for everything process mining and support all process-mining related engagements both internally and externally.
  • This project was incredibly fortunate to have a highly competent, driven leader who is willing and able to take risks for big value. This leadership style allowed me and the rest of the team to innovate, be honest about challenges or missteps and make corrections quickly with the full backing of the team. A great leader really can and does make all the difference.
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